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Home Church Leader Host/Location Day/Time
Rick & Cheryl Barber Julie Booker Sunday 10am
Daryl & Denice Borello Borellos Sunday 10am
Bill & Christine Brown Zoom Sunday 10:45am
Mike & Shari Brown Browns Sunday 10am Adults Only
Chris & Rhonda Bupp Richard & Sharon Clausen Sunday 10am Adults Only
Karlos & Susan Mason Masons Sunday 10am Adults Only
Makenna Matson Kevin & Jolene Saunders Saturday 6pm
Lee & Aaron Mireles Mireles Sunday 10am
Tim & Kaitlin Radke Radke Sunday 10am
Greg & Stacey Schaub Russ & Heather Voigt Sunday 10am
Bruce & Sandrea Scoles Larry & Sally Hayworth Sunday 10am Adults Only
John & Gail Strom Jackie Noble Sunday 10:30am
Mario & Andrea Diaz Zoom Sunday 5:30pm Couples only w/ Marriage focus

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