Local Outreach

Judson Middle School

First, we are seeking comfortable, new, or slightly used, multi-sized clothing items. This would include, but not limited to:
Sweatpants (sporty & lounge types) All sizes Small to 2xl (mostly M & L)
T-shirts (Plain: probably mostly gray and black & Trendy) All sizes Small to 2xl
Sweatshirts (all types) All sizes Small to 2xl
Coats (Warm coats to Rain Jackets) All sizes Small to 2xl
Second, we are seeking shoes, comfortable, new, or slightly used, multi sized.
Type: Tennis Shoes, Boots, Waterproof, Sliders, or any other practical shoe for a middle school student
Size: A variety from 6 to 10 for boys and 6 to 9 for girls
Thirdly, we are looking for personal items for students that can help them in a pinch.
Small Deodorants
Hair ties
Extra Long feminine items (pads)
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Underwear (boys and girls) all sizes
Socks (All Sizes, Length - short or tall)
Small hand lotion
All items can be brought to the cafe at Gateway Foursquare.

Global Missions

For more information about Room at the Inn and Church in the Park or to sign up to help, please visit https://www.church-at-the-park.org/room-in-the-inn

If you are interested in the trip to tour Israel, please contact Stacey Schaub at stacey.schaub@gmail.com

You can also visit http://citycenter.church/events/israel-2022 for mor information.
John & Charity Alphonse
YWAM Salem, OR


Anna Marie Mazzone

Originally from Seattle, Washington, though Anna Marie misses the relationships and surroundings of her hometown, she enjoys and loves the culture of Germany and its people.

Anna Marie works with street addicts and alcoholics, leading a team that weekly brings coffee and sandwiches to people struggling with addiction. The team shares the gospel, prays, listens, and offers support and practical help when people are ready to get out of the drug scene.

At the church where Anna Marie serves, she works with youth and oversees outreach ministries that serve refugee families from Syria, North Africa, Iran and other middle eastern countries. She also leads a German-speaking Alpha Course for new believers and “Let's Talk,” a ministry of sharing biblical truths about difficult questions like: “If God is good, why does he allow suffering?” and, “Do all religions lead to heaven?”

You can donate to Anna Marie at https://fmi.works/mazzone-anna-marie
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